5 Reasons Why Ceramic Coating Is the Answer for Your Ride

Posted on November 21, 2014 at 9:39 pm

Nitroplate Mustang NOPI Girls

Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a hot new ride.

It is outfitted with all of the latest mods, add-ons and aftermarket goodies that make your car one of the hottest on the street or track. There is only one problem – your car is a little too hot.

You have invested a lot of time and money into making your car one of the finest on the road, so why are you robbing yourself of horsepower, good looks and peak performance with unnecessary heat?

With any performance enhancing modifications, increased heat is a natural occurrence. Turbochargers, stainless steel headers, exhaust manifolds – all increase performance, but also result in an increase in heat in your car. And with an increase in heat comes a decrease in horsepower and overall performance.

That is where the team at Nitroplate comes into play. Nitroplate is the industry leader in high performance ceramic coatings, which is just what your car is looking for. If you want to reduce heat, increase performance and safeguard your high-dollar parts, Nitroplate is the answer.

Here are 5 reasons why ceramic coating from Nitroplate will help maximize the performance and looks of your ride.

1) Reduces Under Hood Temperatures

Using a sophisticated coating process, Nitroplate can apply a thermal barrier ceramic coating to just about any metal component on your ride (with the exception of internal engine components). From headers to oil pans and everything in between, high-performance components naturally produce more heat and Nitroplate is here to help. Ceramic coating naturally reduces heat and can withstand temperatures in excess of 1,300-1,700 degrees. By decreasing heat, you can extend the life of your parts while generating a direct boost in performance.

Nitroplate underhood coating

2) Protects Base Metals

Ceramic coatings bond with the composite material, therefore forming a tough and durable coating that doesn’t chip or flake easily. Ceramic coatings also provide excellent rust protection and have a good chemical resistance.


Nitroplate Fire

3) Stylish Looks

Ceramic coatings aren’t just for protection – they are also stylish and add a sleek new look to your ride. Nitroplate features five unique looks including Nitroplate Bright, a highly polished metallic finish, an unpolished NitroPlate Satin finish,  as well as NitroPlate Cast Iron Gray, NitroPlate Satin Black, and new NitroPlate High Temp Matte Black finish. All five finishes create a unique look, in addition to the added physical protection and heat-reducing properties.


Nitroplate Bright

4) Increases Exhaust Velocity

When it comes to high-performance cars, what is it we all want? More power. While ceramic coatings can be used on all sorts of applications, the most common use is on exhaust systems. Ceramic coating on exhaust systems can give your car more power by helping exhaust gases to escape the system more efficiently via a “scavenging effect” thereby increasing horsepower.


Nitroplate Full Exhaust

5) Easily Cleaned and Maintained

More than anything, ceramic coatings are easily cleaned and maintained. With a tough-as-nails coating that protects against wear, rust and the elements, and a stylish look that comes in a number of finishes, ceramic coatings require little maintenance or cleaning effort to stay looking good while providing maximum efficiency for your ride.

nitroplate satin black



For you racers out there, did you know that ceramic coatings also reduce heat soak on the metal parts it is applied to, thereby speeding up cool down time for your racecar? By significantly reducing under-hood temperatures, less heat is absorbed by nearby parts and surfaces which allows for quicker cooling time between runs, allowing you to gain an advantage over the competition.

Nitroplate Camaro

For Even More Info WATCH These NitroPlate Videos Below 

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