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Pricing Guide

General Price List

Shown below is our price list. Please feel free to scroll through the list of items to see if there is a price that closely matches what you are wishing to order. Because all parts and pieces have many different sizes and configurations, these prices are only estimates.

When shipping your parts to us, include your contact information and a brief note about which finish is desired along any special instructions you may have.  We will contact you shortly after receiving your order.

NitroPlate cannot and will not Coat over chrome plated parts. In our professional opinion the only way to accomplish this is to acid strip or reverse chrome strip the chrome off, then follow that with polishing the rough striped metal back to where it is smooth to allow a smooth coating to be applied.

ItemBright PolishedSatinCast Iron GrayHigh Temp Matte Black
(available only on stainless steel)
Black Satin
Minimum Order $20.00 $20.00$30.00$30.00$30.00
Headers - V8 Street Style$250.00$250.00$300.00$300.00N/A
Headers - V8 Competition Multi-Piece$330.00$330.00$385.00$385.00N/A
Headers - V8 Mid-Length$200.00$200.00$260.00$260.00N/A
Headers - V8 Shorty (blockhuggers)$180.00$180.00$240.00$240.00N/A
Headers - V8 Zoomies - Long (door car)$330.00$330.00$385.00$385.00N/A
Headers - V8 Zoomies - Short (dragster)$285.00$285.00$340.00$340.00N/A
Headers - V6 Street Style$200.00$200.00$260.00$260.00N/A
Headers - V6 Competition Multi-Piece$275.00$275.00$330.00$330.00N/A
Headers - V6 Mid-Length$175.00$175.00$230.00$230.00N/A
Headers - V6 Blockhugger$165.00$165.00$220.00$220.00N/A
Headers - Straight 6$200.00$200.00$250.00$250.00N/A
Headers - Straight 6 Multi-Piece$200.00$200.00$250.00$250.00N/A
Headers - 4 Cyl Street Style$160.00$160.00$215.00$215.00N/A
Headers - 4 Cyl Competition Multi-Piece$200.00$200.00$255.00$255.00N/A
Headers - 4 Cyl Block Hugger$125.00$125.00$180.00$180.00N/A
Headers - Jr. Dragster$35.00$35.00$50.00$50.00N/A
Cast Exhaust Manifold - V8$170.00$170.00$220.00$220.00N/A
Cast Exhaust Manifold - V6$135.00$135.00$185.00$185.00N/A
Cast Exhaust Manifold - Straight 6 (one piece)$160.00$160.00$210.00$210.00N/A
Cast Exhaust Manifold - Straight 6 (multi-piece)$180.00$180.00$235.00$235.00N/A
Cast Exhaust Manifold - 4 Cyl$110.00$110.00$160.00$160.00N/A
Motorcycle Exhaust - 2 into 1 (one piece)$135.00$135.00$185.00$185.00N/A
Motorcycle Exhaust - 2 into 1 (multi-piece)$150.00$150.00$200.00$200.00N/A
Motorcycle Exhaust - 4 into 1$175.00$175.00$225.00$225.00N/A
Exhaust - Collectors (ea)$25.00$25.00$32.50$32.50N/A
Exhaust - Mufflers (ea)$50.00$50.00$75.00$75.00N/A
Exhaust - Sidepipes (pr.)$135.00$135.00$170.00$170.00N/A
Exhaust - Tubing ($/ft)$16.00$16.00$20.00$20.00N/A
Turbo Housing$50.00$50.00$75.00$75.00N/A
Intake Manifolds
Intake Manifolds - V8 (non tunnel ram)$110$110$165$165.00$165
Intake Manifolds - V8 Tunnel Ram (one-piece)$135$135$190$190.00$190
Intake Manifolds - V8 Tunnel Ram (two-piece)$165$165$220$220.00$220
Intake Manifolds - V6 (non-tunnel ram)$85$85$135$135.00$135
Intake Manifolds - V6 Tunnel Ram (one-piece)$110$110$160$160.00$160
Intake Manifolds - V6 Tunnel Ram (two-piece)$135$135$185$185.00$185
Intake Manifolds - Straight Six (one-piece)$95$95$145$145.00$145
Intake Manifolds - Straight Six (multi-piece)
Intake Manifolds - 4 Cylinder$85$85$135$135.00$135
Intake Manifolds - Fuel Injection (multi-piece)$250$250$300$300$300
Intake Manifolds - Coat bottom of Intakes Only$50$50N/AN/AN/A
Valve Covers
Valve Covers - Small Block V8$125$125$175$175$175
Valve Covers - Big Block V8$140$140$190$190$190
Valve Covers - DOHC V-8$160$160$210$210$210
Valve Covers - Hemi$160$160$210$210$210
Valve Covers - V6$160$160$210$210$210
Valve Covers - DOHC V6$160$160$210$210$210
Valve Covers - Straight 6$100$100$150$150$150
Valve Covers - DOHC Straight 6$115$115$165$165$165
Valve Covers - 4 Cylinder$80$80$130$130$130
Valve Covers - DOHC 4 Cylinder$90$90$140$140$140
Suspension, Steering and Driveline
4-Link Bar (ea)$30$30$45$45$45
Ladder Bars (pr)
Rear End Housing$150$150$200$200$200
Control Arm - stamped (ea)$50$50$65$65$65
Control Arm - Tubular (ea)$40$40$55$55$55
Spindle (ea)$50$50$65$65$65
Brake Rotor (ea)$40$40$50$50$50
Brake Drum (ea)$40$40$5050$50
Steel Wheel (ea)$50$50$70$70$70
Small Steel Wheel (ATV, etc)$35$35$50$50$50
Sprint Car Components
Sprint Car - Front axle$100$100$140$140$140
Sprint Car - Front Bumper (single)$40$40$55$55$55
Sprint Car - Front Bumper (double)$80$80$100$100$100
Sprint Car - Nerf Bar (ea)$75$75$95$95$95
Sprint Car - Rear Bumper$100$100$140$140$140
Sprint Car - Upper Wing Tree$40$40$55$55$55
Misc. Components
Wheelie Bars$150$150$200$200$200
Oil Pan$90$90$115$115$115
Pulley (ea)$20$20$35$35$35
Timing Cover$30$30$45$45$45
Water Pump Housing$65$65$80$80$80

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