Test Objective

  • To determine whether NitroPlate coated headers provide additional horsepower and torque versus uncoated (painted) headers.
  • To determine whether tuning modifications are required when changing from uncoated to NitroPlate coated headers.
  • To compare the outside temperatures of the uncoated versus coated header surfaces.

Test Engine & Equipment

  • Chevrolet 406 cu-in small block
    • 11.5:1 compression, Canfield aluminum heads, roller cam and Holley 830 CFM HP carburetor
  • Land and Sea DYNOmite Dynamometer

Dyno Test Results

Average of 3 pulls each

Uncoated Headers

  1. Peak Power:
    • 476 hp @ 5400 rpm
  2. Peak Torque:
    • 479 ft-lebs @ 4700 rpm
  3. Peak Surface Temp:
    • 750-800 deg F (approx 3″ from cylinder head)

Coated Headers

  1. Peak Power:
    • 486 hp @ 5400 rpm
  2. Peak Torque:
    • 485 ft-lbs @ 5000 rpm
  3. Peak Surface Temp:
    • 550-600 deg F (approx 3″ from cylinder head)

Test Method

  • Dyno “mule” headers were used for all testing.
  • Multiple baseline pulls were made to properly tune the engine prior to coating the headers.
  • Once the tuning was completed, 3 back-to-back pulls were made to confirm repeatability.
  • The headers were then removed, coated by NitroPlate, and reinstalled.
  • Several more pulls were then made following necessary carburetor jetting changes.

Dyno Performance Conclusions

  • NitroPlate Coating improved exhaust scavenging which enabled very conservative and repeatable 2% horsepower and 1.5% torque gains.
  • Richening of the fuel mixture was necessary after the coating was added to the headers. Improved scavenging caused a lean condition until larger jet sizes were installed.
  • NitroPlate Coating significantly reduces the outside surface temperature of the header, thereby decreasing engine compartment heat.

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